When you create an order for sending impressions on the Dentlink portal, a waybill will be issued for shipping to our scanning center in the USA. 

A courier will visit your office on your chosen date for pick-up. Just pack your impressions and hand them over.

Everyone who needs prostheses can send their case to Dentlink.

  • If using an Intra Oral Scanner, you can create an order form via Cloud integration on the Dentlink portal.
  • If using a Physical Impression, you can generate a waybill and arrange for pickup from your dental office to send the Physical Impression to the Dentlink Scanning Center in the US. In both cases, the turnaround time is the same at 2 weeks.

You can communicate directly with your lab technician through the chat feature called 'LinkTalk' on the Dentlink portal. 

LinkTalk is also available as an app, making it even more convenient to chat with your designated lab technician.

If you want a remake after receiving your prosthesis, you can request it through case management on the Dentlink portal. 

Both the prosthesis and shipping costs are provided free of charge for remakes.

The Dentlink portal offers features like Order Management, Check Out, and Transaction History.

  • In Order Management, you can track the status of all your cases.
  • In Check Out, you can see the prices of ordered items and make payments for each order. An auto-payment feature is available monthly to save you the hassle of manual payments.
  • In Transaction History, you can review past payment details, including how much you paid for each order on a monthly basis.

Digital dentistry encompasses a broad spectrum of technologies and tools that utilize software, hardware, or other computational elements to enhance the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients in a faster and more efficient manner compared to traditional analog, mechanical, or electrical methods. 

It enhances the efficiency of tasks like impression-taking and treatment planning while also enabling more precise diagnoses.

To see our fee schedule, you will need to create a free account on the portal

When you create an account, you will receive a Fee Schedule and ordering guide email. Please select the appropriate country when signing up, and the Fee Schedule tailored to the country's currency will be sent to you for reference.

To give you an idea of pricing, a single zirconia crown is $75/unit, and an implant crown with custom abutment is $200.

Dentlink partners with FedEx, DHL, and UPS for delivery. 

The combination of our streamlined production process and reliable shipping partners allows us to deliver high-quality dental prosthetics within a 2-week turnaround.

Join Dentlink is Simple. Go to: dentlink.io to create your free account. 

Once logged in, you can create your clinic or join an existing one to start an order. Once you sign up on the portal website and complete dental clinic certification, there's a tutorial feature ready to assist with your first order.

For most treatments, all you need to get ready is a patient scan in STL format.

DentLink is a service that allows you to collaborate with excellent dental laboratories in Korea.

With the expertise of top-notch dental technicians and the use of superior materials and equipment, we offer dental prosthetics of exceptionally high quality. This ultimately helps dentists reduce chairside time and redo rates, contributing to the advancement of dentistry and maximizing patient satisfaction. Quality is our utmost priority.

Not only is the quality of lab work exceptional, but the prices are also very competitive, which we believe would greatly benefit your dental business.

Your Complete Dental Destination

DentLink is your go-to service, connecting you with excellent dental craftsmanship. When you order through our website portal, you can expect nothing but the highest quality, delivered right to your doorstep within just 2 weeks.

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